Check it Off! Summer Inspired Bucket List Items
Check it Off! Summer Inspired Bucket List Items


Last weekend marked the first official day of summer and Independence Day is right around the corner! Summer is a magical time & we are right in the thick of it! Vacations, warm weather, relaxed attitudes & a whole lot of sunshine will put a smile on just about anybody. You’ve probably already shopped for shorts, sandals & beach chairs and been indulging in pool parties, cook-outs & ice cold treats; but if you haven’t started planning your summer fun, then get going! Its time to dive right in with some summer inspired bucket list items! SPLASH!

ROAD TRIP!   Have a free weekend? Spontaneity is the spice of life!  Grab the family, pack up the car & set out on an adventure.  It’s not necessarily the destination that matters but the memories you make along the way! Oh…and the music. Every good Road Trip needs an awesome sound track!

Speaking of Music… Summer Concerts & Music Festivals are some of the best all year!  Check out what’s scheduled around you & mark your calendar! More of a movie buff? Summer Movies in the Park are a great way to enjoy your favorites under the stars.

Slow Down.  Whether you hit that snooze alarm and catch a few extra Zzzzz’s or you snag a catnap in the hammock…A lazy summer weekend may be just what the Doctor ordered to catch up on a little stress-relief.  Relax & Enjoy!

Make a Time Capsule with your Family  Decorate a tightly sealed jar or container, including the date & the date you want it opened.  Allow every member of your family to choose an item & a brief description of why that item is special. For an extra-special addition, have every person tell a little about themselves and what’s going on in their lives right now. Add pictures!

Go Camping.  Trade the daily city/suburb life for a few days getting back to nature.  You’ll get some quality time with the family & learn to unplug. Ok, even if you loathe the great outdoors you’ll get some great Instagram photos & a whole lot of material for your social media.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn to perfect the S’more! If you just cant hack it, try a mini-camp out in the backyard!

Watch the Sunrise on the Beach   Whether you’re a Rise-&-Shine surfer or you’ve been out all night, nothing beats the view.

BBQ, Watch Fireworks, Go to a Parade, Gorge on Watermelon and Popsicles It is summer after all!  No other explanation necessary!

Write your own Bucket List!  What do you want to accomplish this Summer? This year? This life? Write it down. And more importantly…Check it off!