Keeping it Safe on Halloween!
Keeping it Safe on Halloween!

images  For adults and kids alike, Halloween can be one of the best nights of the year!  After all, Costumes, Candy & Fun are the perfect ingredients for a great holiday!  But trick-or-treating can be dangerous if parents aren’t careful.  Be proactive by following some simple safety tips to ensure a wonderful time is had by all!

Plan your route in advance.  Children of all ages should be accompanied by an adult. And, by mapping out a route in advance, you’ll avoid going too far out of your way, leading to sore legs, frustration & tired youngsters. In addition,  sticking to paths that you and your child(ren) are familiar with ensures that you’ll avoid any lost trick-or-treaters.  A little pre-planning can help avoid the dreaded toddler melt-down half a mile from home!

Comfort. Be sure costumes are comfy and will last through the evening. Not only should the costumes be short enough to allow for easy movement but also keep in mind the footware; for example, heels with dresses  or long shoelaces are definite tripping hazards in the dark.  We don’t want little Elsa or Spiderman taking a tumble!

Lighting.  Speaking of the dark…In most neighborhoods, trick-or-treat starts after the sun goes down.  Once the excitement hits (& the sugar kicks in) flashlights, reflective tape & glow sticks are instrumental in keeping your child seen & safe!  In addition, stay on well-lit paths and use at crosswalks whenever possible.

Avoid the Masks. Seriously. Masks should be avoided whenever possible! Masks make it hard to see, breathe and speak. And they rarely make it through the evening. So skip the mask altogether and have some fun with non-toxix make-up or face paint instead.

Watch the props.  If your child’s costume is complete without props consider yourself one of the lucky ones! If, however, you find yourself fending off a pirate sword or light saber year after year, consider alternatives. And always make sure they are made from flexible materials and have dulled edges.

Stranger Danger. You may have told your child about the perils of “Stranger Danger” but for little ones, and older ones too, it may be a bit confusing on Halloween. After all, we teach them not to take candy from strangers and here they are walking up to a stranger’s home & asking for it! Only go to homes with porch lights turned on and ONLY take candy at the door. Never, ever enter a home.

  Steal   Check the Candy. When sorting through the candy at the end of the night (& before you swipe a few Snickers bars) be sure to throw away any candy not in original wrapper or that looks outdated.

Stick to these Smart Safety Tips & have yourself a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!