Rent vs Buy
Rent vs Buy

This time of year is a big time for change!  Many people are faced with transition and re-location over the summer months, finding themselves face to face with new opportunities, communities & experiences.  Time and again, we hear the question,  “Should we Rent or Buy???”  The decision to buy a home is one of the most important decisions an adult can make.

Often, renters view their choice as a safer option due to less responsibility while most homeowners relish the peace of mind that comes with the flexibility and freedom from owning their own home.  Ultimately, the 3 main considerations when deciding to buy or rent should be:

1) Home Price

2) Length of time you plan to stay

3) Mortgage Details ie: interest rate & down payment

Regardless of your decision, it remains the same…

Whether you rent or buy,

you pay for the space you occupy!

 Renting often leads to a frustrating realization: Rents go up! Or the owner can decide to sell, rent to another or move – leaving you without that space you’ve been paying for and nothing to show for it. That’s right: the monthly mortgage has been paid but the equity earned went into someone else’s pocket!  Equity is powerful, natural consequence of homeownership!

Some other perks to homeownership include tax deductions. Deduct mortgage interest as well as property tax! Work from a home office? There are deductions for that too! Crave Creative Control of your home?  What about Maintenance Choices? Two huge PLUSES for homeownership! Whether its paint color, adopting a pet, upgrading those kitchen counters or adding onto a room…the choice is YOURS!

When it comes down to it, Home Ownership is really about Freedom:  Financial, Personal, Privacy, Independence.   For many, buying a home is a big part of the American Dream.  If you think you can’t afford it, you’d be surprised! And, can you really afford not to?  Homeownership continues to remain cheaper than renting nationally.  Get the Equity, Freedom & Financial gains that YOU deserve when you buy your home!

If you’ d like more info on making the right decision at the right time, call Crawford Team & Associates for a free & confidential consultation. We have answers to all of your questions & are experienced & highly knowledgeable in VA Loans as well!